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About us

Our passion lies within developing projects to success by taking them from the very beginning to a profitable and well managed company. Enorium Group has a success story in giving transport service on the market in Denmark where we are running bus transport services as well as tourist city bus tours in Copenhagen i.e. the capital of Denmark. Enorium Group considers human values are constantly over years taken less into account. The ration between human values and the financial interest of the big companies has lead to a unfairness and unbalance where the human kind has lead to higher stress in the world and for that Enorium Group subsidiaries is always making sure not to engage in projects which jeopardizes the human values. E.g. or agricultural subsidiary has non-hormonal and GMO free arable land and grows plants free from GMO and hormones. The same subsidiary holds spring water wells which has been created by the nature from the very beginning.

Enorium Group

IT solutions

Mobil, PC & Web applications, Embedded systems, Outsourcing, Advanced ticket system, Management system for public traffic companies, Economic system, Salary system, Tracking system, Communication system, Statistic system

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Sightseeing buses, Tourist buses, Private & public buses services

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Agriculture & Water

Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Dried Vegetables, Dried Fruit, Farming, Honey, GMO free, Hormone free food

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Security System

Application security, ARM Trustzone, Infrastructure security

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IT Services

Enorium Group technological subsidiary offers software development services and have a branch competence in:

  • Embedded software development with speed and memory constraints in mind

  • iPhone & Android application development

  • Porting Software to hardware platforms

  • iPhone firmware/accessory development

  • Linux kernel development

  • Communication protocol development

  • Secure Android applications using ARM TrustZone development

  • VoIP deployment

  • Technology Training - training engineers in technologies listed above. Enorium was engaged by Fujitsu Sweden into offering education packages in Android and Linux to the market.

  • Outsourcing office in Doboj, Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Hercegovina.


Open Top Bus Tour project started in Denmark since 2012. This project is targeted at tourists who come to Copenhagen and want to do tourist sightseeing and get information about its history and be conveniently and securely transported between the various sights. The information about the sights is given in 16 different languages ​​covering the most/frequent spoken languages in the world. Open Top Double-decker buses allows customers to experience and see the sights from a closer level and thus the opportunity to take better pictures during the vacation.Tourist bus were introduced in 2013. This project is targeting the tourists and local people who want/wish to see the attractions such as castles, parks etc, which are located at a greater distance from the city center, and those who come in large groups will have a bus for themselves, following a planned route. Enorium Group has been involved as Adviser in different countries in order to modernise public transport fleet, public transport routes , stop locations, building bus systems as well as contributed to the development of various systems.

For more information please contact us by email : info@enoriumgroup.com

Agriculture and Water

Enorium Group owns agricultural land as well as spring wells in Serbia and Bosnia where we are engaged in Food production. Despite the fact that organic products participate only with 1% on global food market, organic products are becoming increasingly more demanded and share of these products in global food market is becoming more significant. In developed countries there is an evident lack of organic products, and therefore Serbia with its preserved agro ecosystems has a chance to improve this agriculture production sector and increase export of agricultural commodities.

In Serbia we have partnership in wellness with the main Diabetes Hospital in Vrnjacka Banja and with Banja Vrucica in Teslic, which is targeting people who wishes to ease cardiovascular, rheumatic and neurological symptoms.

Security System

Application security is the use of software, hardware, and procedural methods to protect applications from external threats. Once an afterthought in software design, security is becoming an increasingly important concern during development as applications become more frequently accessible over networks and are, as a result, vulnerable to a wide variety of threats.

Our technological subsidiary engage in security solutions for the business which use mobile phones making sensitive data secure on Android devices and thus protected from other applications/spyware installed on the very same device. We use the ARM trustzone as the security vault.

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